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JUNE 8TH - 14TH, 2024

Is a Transformational Leadership Retreat
For Community Leaders By Day & World-Class Music Festival By Night

Join An Exclusive & Intimate Group of Exceptional Entrepreneurs and Top Sales & Business Leaders Who Are All Coming Together to:

Reconnect to Your Soul’s Purpose
Expand The Level of Abundance You Want to Create Over the Next 10 Years
Building Powerful Relationships That Last A Lifetime While Having the Time of Your Life!

Be The Leader Our Future Needs

Passes Available

1 Day | 3 Day | 6 Day

JUNE 8TH - 14TH, 2024

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Experience Camp Abundant

What is this exactly? 


Here’s the simplest way we know how to describe it:




A transformational leadership retreat 




A deep vision quest 




Ted Talks 




A World-Class Music Festival




A High-End Entrepreneurial “Summer Camp” In The  Redwood Forest

Each of these 6 things (when done separately) 


Always Leads to:

Epic Experiences.

We decided we want to do something that has never been done before... 

That's why we decided 

to bring ALL 6 of these transformational experiences  together 


And Combine ALL 6 into ONE.


That’s our shortest, simplest and best answer as to what “CAMP ABUNDANT” is. . .


The best part is: 


ALL 6 things are happening each and every single day.



You get to choose your own adventure.

Rather than being forced to sit in a cold room and listen to someone talk and lecture for an hour, we’re going to be running around in nature


Playing, exploring, discovering


having powerful realizations, making powerful connections and forging lifelong relationships 


All while having a ton of fun, dancing, listening to music, and making memories you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


We wanted to do something REMARKABLE that’s 

never been done before.

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Many people would consider that simply combining ALL 6 of these elements together would be pushing the edge.


And while they’re not wrong, that’s not really what we were going for here -


 - To have one day focused on one element, where we act that way all day, learn that way all day, and move onto the next thing and cover all 6 things like it’s scheduled programming over the course of 6 days.

What we decided to do instead is to “bake” each of these elements into every single day throughout the entire event.


Meaning, each of these 6 components are a big part of not just the experience but also the ethos, the culture and the values that we’ll be holding together as a community throughout the  entire experience.

You won't be learning or practicing these 6 components - you'll be LIVING them.

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We are coming together to grow and evolve into the type of leader we know that we need to become in order to be able to DO the things that we must be able to.


Imagine immersing yourself deep in
the redwood forest 


Joined by an exclusive group of exceptional entrepreneurs, top sales & business leaders 


Who are all coming together to discover what’s next for them… 


While learning from 30+ of the top industry leaders and equipping themselves with the most vital wisdom and tools you need to develop as a leader in order to truly thrive in what many are calling “the most important decade in human history.”

Imagine Immersing Yourself Deep in
The Redwood Forest with an Exclusive Group of Exceptional Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Top Sales Who Are All Coming Together to Answer Questions Like These:

  • What path do I really want to take right now?

  • Do I stay within this industry or should I consider moving into entrepreneurship?

  • Why isn't this working?

  • What do I truly want to be doing with my life?

  • I'm feeling the energy and direction of a new change..How do I step wisely & powerfully into this?

  • How can I embody the energy of change in my organization?

  • When things are so uncertain right now in the world, how can I be the leader that keeps people together?

  • Who do I have to become to achieve more AND be more fulfilled in every area of my life?

  • What am I truly here to contribute to the world?

  • Who will do it along with me? What community will support me along the way?


Head Camp Counselors




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2024 Villages

Upon your arrival to Camp Abundant you'll get the opportunity to choose from the Villages below including Family Village. 

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Ben (Founder of Camp Abundant) and his wife Cassie, love attending events themselves but hate leaving their kids at home and for such a magical experiences. That's why in previous years we've created kids camp so that entrepreneurs with families and business leaders with families can enjoy an amazing networking and educational experience without having to exclude their kids. 

Daily Kids Programming

There's programming for kids potty trained to 10 and then 11 to 17 to 2 separate programs both programs will include activities such as archery or archery such as wilderness education, arts and crafts, improv, and camp games. 


Kids camp will be available from 9am to 6:30pm so families will start the morning together and spend evenings together. 

Parents will be responsible for their children outside of these hours but can enjoy the days education distraction free. 

Camp Abundant is extremely kid friendly and there's plenty of amazing places for kids to play. Families that grow together grow strong!

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Tap into the Well of Your Being

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At Abundant, we're celebrating our ten year anniversary of transforming souls & uniting people. 

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Founded on three pillars. Evolving for a lifetime. 

Danielle Vincent

" Joining Abundant has been the best decision that I've made personally, and the best decision that Maxwell and I have made together as partners. There are events that happen in our life, crisises, and the first people I pick up the phone to call to help are people in this community. Not my family members, not my best friends.. the individuals in this community that I have known for only two short years that I developed so much depth with. And I would say that's been the greatest gift of all. 
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Treat Your Soul

What you can expect

By day, you’ll dive deep into practices, techniques, and professional workshops designed to dissolve all doubts. You’ll harness your strengths as reflected to you by others. 

By night, amidst the trees, you’ll break free of old paradigms, giving birth to your new sense of self. Bask in the inspiration from world-renowned artists, performers, speakers, and the lasting connections you'll foster for a lifetime.





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